As you’ve guessed, my name’s James Firby. I’m a Graphic Designer, among other things. Let’s be honest, nobody is only one thing. Since you can see the graphic design through the homepage, here’s where you can find more about me.

I love building a project and seeing it come together. My favourite childhood activity was building and creating with Lego. This grew into a love for building and creating with other materials: carpentry, leatherwork, sculpting and eventually digital design with photography, illustration and editing programs. I enjoy making things and learning new ways to make more.

I first began graphic design by making show posters for Winnipeg theatre group Theatre by the River, of which I was a founding member upon graduation from the University of Winnipeg Theatre and Film program. While a member of the group, I not only helmed the graphic design for promoting the shows, but acted, directed, designed and constructed set pieces and props.

Eventually I left the company to pursue a formal education in Graphic Design at Red River College. Completing the Advanced program in 2016, I’ve added many new creative skills to my repertoire.